Ship Detection

Automated detection of ships

By automatically detecting ships at sea, visualize operation of illegal vessels, status of any maritime accident, and operation status of ports.

How to analyze Satellite Data

Automated detection of ships by dedicated AI algorithm

From the viewpoint of maritime security, it is very important to properly monitor and manage ships at sea. In general, ship's data such as the name, vessel type, course, destination, etc., can be known through AIS (Automatic Identification System) of the ship. However, as illegal fishing boats, pirate ships, or other suspected vessels are not transmitting AIS information, it is difficult to monitor and manage them when they are entering ports or navigating at sea.

By using a unique AI algorithm developed by Space Shift, vessels can be automatically detected from the satellite image, which is effective as the ship's monitoring / surveillance means. As SAR satellites can make observations even in bad weather or during nighttime, continuous monitoring can be made.

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What the Ship Detection AI can do

  • Reinforce maritime security

    By combining AIS information with automated analysis results of SAR satellite data, the accuracy of Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) can be increased to reinforce maritime security such as monitoring of illegal vessels.

    National /
    local governments

  • Optimize navigation routes

    By monitoring the operation status of other vessels on the ocean route used by your company, flexibly change the navigation route in the case of an emergency.


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