Flood Area Detection

Assessing damage situation upon a disaster

Upon flooding caused by typhoon or heavy rain, assess the damage including the range and depth of flooding.

How to analyze Satellite Data

Estimation of flood area by a dedicated AI algorithm

Using SAR satellites, as the strength of radio wave reflection varies with the target, assess the condition of the ground surface from the image data. From this characteristic, analyzing the satellite image upon a disaster can estimate the flood area and water depth.

The proprietary Space Shift AI algorithm can not only automatically analyze the information but also help realize quicker and more accurate assessment of the disaster by incorporating other information available from SNS (e.g., image and position) and vehicle traffic data.

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What the Flood Area Detection
AI can do

  • Data management in disaster response

    Quick assessment of the flood damage situation helps safer and quicker rescue operations as well as priority decisions in recovery planning.

    National / local governments

  • Establishing an emergency infrastructure management system

    Quickly monitoring managed infrastructure and surrounding areas upon flooding will help early assessment of the situation and planning safety assured on-site work.


  • Effectively control insurance payments

    By quickly grasping the flood area in a disaster, a quick and efficient insurance payment can be made.


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