• CEO

    Naruo Kanemoto


    Naruo Kanemoto

    Has more than 10 years’ experience in the Internet industry after starting his own IT business as a university student. Deep knowledge as an engineer in various systems development, familiar with AI, web systems, and marketing. Has spent more than 10 years in space-related businesses, with an extensive domestic and international network. Has recently been promoting AI-based automated satellite data analysis technology, especially the use of satellite data by the companies outside the space industry. Has served as a member of "Space and ICT" discussion group of MIC, a Project Researcher of AIST, and vice secretary general of "New space study group".​

  • Chief SAR Officer

    Shigeki Kuzuoka

    Chief SAR Officer

    Shigeki Kuzuoka

    Participated in SAR development while in Mitsubishi Electric. Is familiar with optical, hyper spectrum, and other remote-sensing satellite data, and has engineering experience in actual data processing and development of analysis systems. After working for a trading company distributing satellite images and later NEC Corporation, established Satellite Business Network Co., Ltd. Has an extensive network in Japan and abroad. Regarding the use and application of satellite data, is strong in the integrated analysis of satellite-based and ground-based observation data. Also has management experience of a team of domestic and international members.​

  • CTO

    Hideki Shimomura


    Hideki Shimomura

    D. in Engineering from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology in 1993. He joined NEC in the same year and contributed to the research and development and commercialization of software for postal address readers. In 1998, he moved to Sony, where he was engaged in research and development of robotics and artificial intelligence. In particular, he managed research teams in voice and image recognition, machine learning, and human-robot interaction, and was also involved in the development of AIBO. In January 2019, he joined Panasonic and was assigned to the Bay Area, where he was responsible for new business development, human resource development, and corporate culture reform. In July 2020, he returned to Japan and became CTO of ispace, a startup developing a lunar launder, where he led the development of the lunar launder and mid- to long-term research and development planning while overseeing the technical organization. He has been in his current position since October 2022.​

  • CSO

    Takahiro Nakamura


    Takahiro Nakamura

    Takahiro first became interested in space after reading the science magazine (Newton) when he was in high school. After studying the origin of the solar system at Kyushu University and the University of Tokyo Graduate School, he joined Accenture as a new graduate and engaged in SCM consulting for the retail and manufacturing industries. He then moved to Recruit where he worked in the New Business Development Office and experienced the launch of several businesses he had planned and drafted himself. From 2015, he joined ispace,inc. as Director and COO, overseeing all aspects of the business. He was responsible for business development, government relations, U.S. and European expansion, organizational development, and the launch and promotion of HAKUTO and HAKUTO-R. In 2017, he raised a series A funding of 10.35 billion yen, the largest amount ever raised in Japan. Experienced scale-up from 2 employees to 200 employees. In July 2022, he founded Midtown,Inc., aiming to solve global issues with the keywords of space x climate change x biodiversity. Also serves as CXO and advisor for several startup companies and acting chairperson of the Lunar Industry Vision Council. ​

  • Board Member

    Ryo Saito

    Board Member

    Ryo Saito

    Is familiar with optical, hyper spectrum, and other remote-sensing satellite data, and has more than 20 years of engineering experience in actual data processing and analysis. Regarding the use of satellite data, has expertise in the integrated analysis of satellite-based and ground-based observation data. Has management experience of a team of domestic and international members. After working for the National Institute of Earth Science and Technology Policy, Asia Air Survey Co., Ltd, and NEC Corporation, assumed his current position in July 2019. Is a registered surveyor, consulting engineer (geophysics and geochemistry, in the field of applied science) , and national interpreter-guide.​​​

  • Manager

    Yuji Kawakami

  • Business Development

    Tamao Tada

  • Lead AI Development Engineer

    Shusuke Yasui

  • GIS Engineer

    Shota Uchida

  • AI Development Engineer

    Jaturapit pornchai Raveerat

  • AI Development Engineer

    Kentaro Tanaka

  • AI Development Engineer

    Tyler Kurahashi

  • Yonago Satellite Data Research Center

    Asuka Hirano

  • Intern Leader

    Keisuke Fukada