Detecting Displacement of Ground Surface or Structure

Visualizes millimeter-scale changes of the ground surface (sinking and uplift) as well as tilt of a structure to enable information analysis on environmental risks.

How to analyze Satellite Data

Use of world-class InSAR technology

Utilizes the latest InSAR technology "SqueeSAR™" developed by our business partner TRE-Altamira (Italy) to detect displacement of the ground surface in millimeters.

In this, two SAR satellite signals reflected from the target object, received at the same location at two different timings, are compared to detect the phase difference of the signal, which is then used to measure the displacement of the ground surface or the structure.

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What SqueeSAR™ can do

  • Usage in land management and disaster control

    By knowing the millimeter-scale data of ground surface displacement or any existence of embankments in the area under the jurisdiction, data can be effectively used to assess environmental risks for disaster prevention and mitigation.

    National / local

  • Use in construction/
    management planning

    Preliminary survey and monitoring of the ground level at the construction site during and after the construction work can ensure safety in construction planning and operation.
    In addition, leveling surveys and measuring points can be reduced.


  • More efficient infrastructure management

    Monitoring the displacement of own infrastructure, such as airports, bridges, tunnels, and power plants, and of surrounding environment, can ensure safe and efficient infrastructure management.

    By continuously monitoring for a certain period, any seasonal change and abnormal displacement becomes distinguishable. Thus, it can help determine the maintenance priority.

    In addition, leveling surveys and measurement points can be reduced.


  • Effective control of insurance payments

    By knowing areas with high risk of natural disaster occurrence through the assessment of ground displacement in each area, an efficient operation for insurance payments can be made.

    In addition, upon a disaster situation, by using satellite data to quickly determine the damaged areas, insurance payments can be made without delay.


  • More efficient real estate
    development and management

    Measuring the ground level displacement of each property and area will be useful in the risk analysis at a new construction site as well as in safe and efficient management of existing properties.

    Real estate

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